We run the world! Bring it on!

“We run the world! Bring it on!” With this confident feeling we walked out of the gym in Amsterdam West last week. We just had our first lesson Krav Maga and feel invincible.

Krav Maga is a martial art which has its roots in Hungary and has been developed in Israel, used by the Israeli Defense Forces.

In the training we learn to deal with very different real-life situations, such as kidnapping, danger at night on the streets and attacks with a gun or knife. While you need many years of experience for other fighting and defense sports to apply it effectively, Krav Maga is limited to techniques which anyway have rapid effect. The techniques are connected to natural reflexes of someone who defends himself against an attack combined with effective operations in a relatively short time.


The first exercise we learn is to respond to a punch on the chin.

  1. Turn off the fist while you move your head away.
  2. React with several punches right, left, right.

The second exercise is about to react on strangulation from the front side.

  1. Hit the arms and give a knee or kick in the groin.
  2. React with a punch from bottom to chin and a punch from the left side.


The third and final exercise is to respond to strangulation from the side.

  1. Hit the front arm and hit the groin.
  2. Hit the chin with your elbow.
  3. Kick, if necessary, against the knees.

Krav Maga is not bound by strict rules and practiced outside the rules of the law. As a result, during this last exercise we learn that to hit the groin and the chin will be hopefully enough. If so, it is not needed to kick against the knees. Because someone can break its knees and this person could end up in a wheelchair, the teacher learns us that it is better to not execute the kick against the knees, because it is not according the Dutch Law.


After all it was a huge educational lesson and we had lots of fun! We look forward to the next time!


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  1. Marion

    Wat goed dat jullie je daarmee ook voorbereiden zeg, hoop dat jullie het never nooit nodig zullen hebben op die prachtige reis. Dag dag Marion

  2. Mir

    Een goede meid …. is op haar toekomst voorbereid 😉 goed bezig BE ?

  3. Irene

    Net wat Marion zegt, hoop dat jullie het nooit in de praktijk hoeven te brengen. Just BE on the road ;-))

  4. Lenie

    Wat goed zeg, dat je je met zulke onderdelen bezig houdt en op voorbereidt.
    Maar ik hoop dat je onderweg alleen maar lieve, leuke en interessante mensen tegenkomt.
    Succes met Krav Maga.

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