Schoorl 2016

Test weekend Schoorl 2016

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Date: Saturday May 18th 2016 until Sunday May 19th 2016

Length: 2 days

Distance: 150 km

Countries: Nederland

Weather: Showers alternating with a gentle sun


Test weekend Schoorl 2016

After a delicious breakfast (croissants, bread rolls, pâté, smoked bacon, eggs and coffee) at home, we start packing. This will be the first time riding ‘fully packed’. Last week we had often practiced the packing, and already many times we changed the strategy. Even though we think we will change our current strategy in the future, the allocation for this weekend will be as follows.


– ‘Tools pannier’ on the right at 15kg: various tools, duct tape, clutch cable, brake, clutch and brake levers, ropes, lights, spark plugs, engine oil, brake fluid, coolant, chain spray, work gloves, old cloth, hand pump, inner tube (90 / 90- 21) and rear (130 / 80-17), and a repair kit.


– ‘Wet pannier’ on the left at 15kg: tent, ground sail, hammer, cooking set (MSR Whisper Lite), can opener and matches. To get equal weight on both sides, Erik has tied a chair on top.


– Yellow rack pack at 8kg: sleeping bag, shoes, flip-flops, jackets, clothing, underwear, personal care, towels, washcloths, book, shoulder strap, games, poncho.


– Tankbag at 5kg: shoulder straps, WAKAWAKA lamp, torch, mobile chargers, GoPro, passport / driving license, wallet, camera and road maps.


– ‘Kitchen pannier’ on the left at 10kg: pots, ladles, pocket knife, plates, cutlery, cups, reusable coffee filter, (lemon) candles, kitchen sink 10 liters, detergent, 2x scouring pads, dish towel, washing powder, clothesline, clothespin, plastic trash bags, first aid set: (blisters)plasters, bandages, pressure pads, hansaplast, paracetamol, deet insect repellent + stick, Norrit, ORS) A4 document holder with several copies, routes and dealer addresses, toilet rolls, cleaning wipes, dyno torch, herbs, thermos, tea , coffee (spoon), water.


– ‘Stock pannier’ on the right at 10kg: sandwich bags, folding water, food, drinks and rain suits.


– Red rack pack at 8kg: sleeping bag, shoes, flip-flops, jackets, clothing (eight shirts, two bras, 12 strings, 10 socks, 1 long pants, 2 shorts, 1 sweater), personal care, 2 towels, sheet, washcloths, books, shoulder strap, chair, poncho.


– Tankbag at 5kg: shoulder straps, torch, mobile charger, Garmin Zumo 550, passport / driving license, wallet, maps, notebook and pen. After packing, we drive to Schoorl. Learning experience 1. Zumo: Bertha had used a ‘hard’ via-point which always led us back to this point. The next time we should use only ‘soft’ points. During our test drive through the Eifel area we already had learned to switch off the sound of the GPS, so that we can continue communicating with each other, instead of the fact that the GPS is continuously talking through our chitchat.


Through the ports of IJmuiden, through walking Alkmaar, we finally arrive at the countryside of Schoorl. First we did some shopping at the Jumbo supermarket and after that we could start unpacking: setting up the tent, unfolding the chairs and prepare coffee. Learning experience 2. Coffee: a coffee spoon is handy! The coffee tastes a bit like plastic, because of the newly purchased water tank, but we are pleased that the stove works! Soon, it starts to rain.

Learning experience 3. Tent Sail: The sail should be under the tent and it should not protrude to the outside to catch extra rainwater which then comes back into the tent.

After this wise lessons we decide to put the rack packs inside the tent as well, next to the tank bags. Happily there is enough space in the tent and it makes it easier to change clothes. We prepared dinner during the next rainstorm, using a borrowed umbrella from the neighbor who was willing to help us.

Learning experience 4. Cook without rain: next time we take an extra sail/shelter with us, that we can use to put over the bikes so we could sit and cook dry outside the tent between the engines. However, Erik’s meal was exquisite.

Learning experience 5. Food: probably there comes a time that the cooking stove will not work, then a backup dinner like a currant bun or cookies is called a must!

After a somewhat restless night, because of the rain, we wake up in a hot tent in the morning. The three-season sleeping bags are very warm in the evening, but in the morning we sweat a lot.  A coin-operated shower brings us back to our senses and we pack our luggage within one hour. Bertha packs the gear in the tent, while Erik prepares coffee. We receive eggs from another neighbor and together with our currant buns our breakfast tastes great!

When we leave at 11am the whole camping site is waving us goodbye. The scene is confirmed by Erik with enthusiastic waving and honking. We get very much attention on our bikes! Unless the few learning experiences, we really like to camp and it all went quite well. Scandinavia, here we come!

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