Week 20-21 Pakistan: Een land van uitersten

Pakistan, met zijn natuur misschien wel het mooiste land tot nu toe! Maar ook een land met enorme tegenstellingen. Hoe prachtig de Hunza Vallei is met haar sneeuwtopbergen, zo onwerkelijk smerig zijn de steden in dezelfde omgeving. In het noorden is …

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Week 16-17-18 Trial and error in Kyrgyzstan

Endless searching for the right tires, shit under your boots because you visit the cattle market or during one of the many times you have to wait for crossing horses, cows or sheep, liquid dinner with fellow travelers and countless crashes with our m…

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Week 14-15 Tadzjikistan: Views from heaven and roads from hell

The M41, known as the Pamir Highway, runs for the most part through Tajikistan. It is the only ongoing route across the hard-to-reach Pamir Mountains. The Pamir Highway is known as the second highest international highway in the world with a mountain…

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Week 13: Uzbekistan

That the search for benzin would become a daily ritual, we could never imagine beforehand. Almost all petrol stations are empty, taken over by nature or taken by the local farmer as storage for equipment and animals.

The smell of a motorbike suit …

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Week 12 Turkmenistan: Een wereld van verbazing

Sometimes we have those moments when we want to throw our motorbikes onto the ground, asking ourselves why again we would like to take this route by motorbike. Sometimes, only sometimes, we think we cannot go any further and that every mile is one to…

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