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Who are Erik and Bertha of ‘BE on the road’?

Who is Erik?

Raised in a nice family with parents and three children, full of love and the feeling of security. Learned that love is one of the most important things in life. Perhaps by taking over the restless-legs-syndrome of his mother, Erik finds it hard to sit still. Swimming, athletics and football eventually. Exercise is a common thread in the life of Erik.

Assertiveness and optimism are qualities that Erik feels most at home; good spirits to start somewhere. Charity is also very important to him; the fortunes of his beloved goes to his heart.


In his role as projectmanager¹ in civil engineering² at Tauw Engineering and Consultancy, Erik has worked for over 10 years to large and complex projects.

He has learned a lot in those 10 years and gained a lot of knowledge, both technically and personally. Over the years Erik has strongly developed its self-understanding and thereby learned to work well together with his, naturally, opposites.

After obtaining his motorcycle license, Erik founds out that there is more besides his work. During the many motorcycle tours Erik really likes to drive with his face in the wind. Driving on a motorcycle makes you think about everything and it tastes like more!


¹ The intermediary between the client and the executing parties.
² Civil engineering is the applied science that deals with the design, realization and maintenance of objects stuck in the ground.

Who is Bertha?

Born in the small village Bant (Netherlands) where her parents still live on a beautiful farm with many animals in the yard. As the oldest child in a family with three children Bertha was driving a lot together with her farther on his BMW motorcycle. That you should not use the exhaust pipe as a foot peg was her first motorcycle lesson. The motorcycle boots have almost completely melted away!

Her parents find it strange that Bertha and her brothers like traveling so much. But in reality they set the good example themselves. They are almost as often on the road as at home! So Bertha was brought up on a love for travelling.

With the family on a holiday was never boring. Not all day lying on the beach, but exploring the surroundings! The constant hunger for new places, cultures and activities has germinate at Bertha in this way.

While studying Media & Entertainment Management Bertha got the opportunity to study for a semester in South Africa. During the weekends and after this semester Bertha has seen a lot of South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and Mozambique.

After completing her second study (Master of Business Administration, or MBA) her hunger for adventure continued. Why not get a motorcycle license and buy a motorcycle? And before she knew it, she rode daily on her white Honda Transalp to her work, which is Talpa in Laren and Hilversum. A scenic and challenging job as Controller, but the hunger for adventure was still there. During her daily motorcycle trips she daydreamed a lot. Because what would now be better than to pass the exit drive of Hilversum, driving to the Dutch border and explore the world?!

Who are Erik and Bertha?

In cafe Rootz, near the statue of ‘Harry Hague’, they drank their first beer together.


There was no love at first sight, but while getting to know each other they recognized the adventures fire in each other’s eyes and this was their first alliance. After this it went quickly. They left the two small rooms in The Hague to live together in Amsterdam. At the bar in their houseboat ‘Trust’, with a view over the Herengracht (the city center canal), they delineated their first long-distance journeys. By scooter discovering Bali and Lombok, walking the Inca Trail in Peru, showering on the streets in Thailand and a driving in a Suzuki Jimny across Costa Rica.

During the many travels and philosophizing moments (with red wine) they both come to the conclusion that there is much is on their bucket list. Making a long journey is at the top of the list. This idea was initially more a dream than a real plan to execute. After getting their motorcycle driving license the bucket list was revised, and the long journey becomes reality. The long journey is a journey around the world on their motorbikes, from Amsterdam to Australia! Bertha & Erik are ready for adventure. Bertha & Erik ON THE ROAD !!

Beseggen trail.


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