Motor Fair Utrecht

Motor Fair Utrecht

For weeks we looked forward to visit the Motor Fair. Some days before the fair opened we even made a scheme with stands to visit. At least, a good start is halve the battle!

Thursday after work I went rapidly to Utrecht. On my way I ate a salad to not lose any time eating on the fair. When I arrived my heart started beating faster and faster as if I arrived at Disneyland; everywhere I saw motors and I heard people talking about motors and traveling.

From 19.00 until 20.00 o’clock we attend a GPS course, lectured by Mr. GPS himself. The fact is that GPS in a car works total different than on a motorbike. Instead of following the fastest track, by motor you always want to ride the nicest track without skipping specific roads. According to Mr. GPS, from now on we will not be sent back endlessly to a waypoint by our Zumo 550. He advices us to use crumbles rather than fixed waypoints. Unless the high Benidorm-level during this course, I gained a lot new insights.    20160218-motorbeurs-bertha

Once we got out of the classroom, we walk on to the big fair. From several stands we grab some leaflets about traveling in Europe, Middle East and Asia to be inspired later on.
Suddenly we see a stand with adventure gear; from engine tanks up to coffee mugs. It is very hard to not buy anything! However, days before, Erik and I made a deal to not buy anything on the fair, but only to gain inspiration and later on try to make some gadgets by ourselves. Later that evening at the Touratech stand we get informed about the newest products, bags and footpads. It was a close call, but with a big smile we just could resist to buy something.

At the end of the evening we get ourselves a beer and test the latest Honda Africa Twin by sitting on them. Both we know for sure, the next motor will be a Honda AT. However, first a journey on our old and familiar Honda Transalp is on our schedule, a journey for which we gained a lot of inspiration tonight!

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