Our inspiration

Our way to the decision about making a trip around the world has a long history. We have started saving of course, but besides that we have read a lot and have been inspired by various books, events and blogs.


The following books have inspired us for the trip.

Chris Scott  – Adventure Motorcycling Handbook

This book is literally a handbook for a motor journey, which can be used both in preparation for a long journey, and as preparation for a night in a tent on the heath. The book brings you ideas and also has convenient summaries at the end of each chapter. The drawback of the book is that it is written from a UK perspective, but anyway, for a European it is very useful.

Paul van Hooff – Man on the seat (Man in het zadel)

Paul writes about his adventure on the Moto Guzzi from Alaska to the southern part of Argentina. He experiences so many strange things during his journey, meets the strangest people and sometimes you almost wonder if the story could be true….  Anyway, the book is tremendously compelling, the villages are described in detail and the book is funny to read. You have to read it!

Paul is currently working on his trip ‘From Here To Tokyo’.

Lois Pryce – Lois on the Loose (for a full review, click here)

The female version of Paul van Hooff, a little younger, but not less adventurous. Lois also drives the route from Anchorage to Ushuaia. Very funny book to read and as a woman enormously recognizable. The disadvantage of this book is that you finalize it too fast.  

Ted Simon – Jupiter’s Travels

Ted Simon travels in four years through all continents. Although he sometimes rambles from one part to the other, some parts are described in great detail. For example he also describes his belongings in great detail, which we found ourselves tremendously helpful in preparation for the trip to Scandinavia.

Gaea Schoeters & Trui Hanoulle – Girls, Muslims and Motorcycles

A story of two women traveling on their motorbikes in the Middle East, driving the same route as their Swiss idols. The book was particularly interesting for Bertha, because she surely would like to prepare for the trip to Iran. How to deal with wearing a headscarf in combination with a motorcycle helmet? The book gives a detailed description of the differences between male / female and Western / Arab culture. Very interesting.

Marica van der Meer – Away from the world (for a full review, click here)

Marica describes her bicycle ride from Workum to Australia in detail. She would like to attend the birthday party of a friend. As this friend lives in Adelaide, she decides to go on the bike. Why not?! Especially fun to read all the different cultures, where she is cycling through.

Jelle Brandt Corstius – Universal travel guide for difficult countries

A book written probably more for entertainment than it is intended as a real guide. And although the book focuses on men mainly, it is nevertheless also for woman very funny. And who knows, how important the chapter ‘How do I swallow dirty snacks quick and painless? ” will be during our journey?

Thomas Erdbrink – Our Man in Tehran

In preparation for our trip through Iran, this seemed a useful book. Several years back Thomas Erdbrink produced great series about Iran for the VPRO. In this book he disputes a lot of clichés and shows the reader an insight of what is really happening in people’s living rooms. We are wondering if we will experience some clichés during our journey.


In preparation for our trip we went to different events.

Motor Fair 2016 (click here for a detailed blog)

A motor paradise!

Presentation: Peter’s Great Motor Journey

From the very beginning we follow Peter’s adventures on, travelling on his Honda Transalp motorcycle from Lekkerkerk (Netherlands) to Australia. A few months after his return, he gave a presentation for people who were interested. With great enthusiasm, while enjoying a snack and a drink, we have listened to his stories!

Motor Fair 2017

For inspiration for the big trip.


The following blogs have inspired us in different areas.

This website is full of tips and tricks for camping on a motorbike. These guys write about the perfect travel chair and the ideal cookware. The site offers also reviews and different motorbike-related stories.

Friends of ours have rode a similar route from Amsterdam to Sydney. But they could not get enough of it after this adventure and decided to extend the trip through southern Africa. The website is full of personal stories and fun facts.

Although it is hard to read the German blog in that language, the website contains a lot of information in terms of preparation and gear.

A website with awesome photos. Wow, we are going to make these pictures as well!

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